WEBINAR: Problem Solving with L-HPC: Benefits & Case Studies

The COVID-19 situation has made it impossible to conduct in-person meetings or presentations and reach out to our customers, it is the new normal and best way to stay connected with our valued customers virtually.

ADCHEM in collaboration with Shin-Etsu arranged 2 sessions,considering the high demand of LHPC and rising questions on the same time.

We welcomed the participants to attend the webinar on “Problem Solving with L-HPC: Benefits & Case Studies” which was conducted on August 18th,2020 & August 25th,2020.


Dr. Andreas Sauer
Technical Sales Director

In this on-demand webinar we explored more about Problem-solving with L-HPC:

L-HPC (low-substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose NF, JP, EP) was first approved in 1977 as a binder and disintegrant for tablets in Japan. Meanwhile it is listed in the JP, NF, and EP. In addition to the conventional grades (LH-), NBD- grades which have improved characteristics such as particle shape and compressibility were introduced in 2011. L-HPC is a non-ionic multi-functional excipient having several benefits:

  • Excellent compatibility with active ingredients
  • Disintegration into smaller particles leading to better dissolution
  • Anti-capping effect for tableting process.
  • Reduction of tablet weight.
  • Suitable for pellet extrusion as well as tableting.
  • A variety of grades are available depending on application


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