Message from our CEO

Thank you and a warm welcome for visiting Adchem website.

Adchem as a group and a family had a modest start in 2013; elevating to continuous growth, large pool of satisfied customers and strong relationship with partners.

In a short span of time, we at Adchem not only confronted audaciously the start-up challenges in our early days but also have been recently put to test in the most evolving operating environment globally.
Untiring professional dedication from the Adchem colleagues alongside the fantastic support and trust from our partners; Adchem has a sustainable profit growth while forming a stable business foundation.

In light of the needs for both segments; internal and external, Adchem has taken another bold step in going into a new office & warehouse premise whilst creating jobs as well as supporting the stock availability needs of our customers.

We take our vision as our mission; i.e. Adchem aspires to establishing a strong visionary approach of corporate structure; to progress at a pace whilst introducing products, developing core competencies and driving forward with motivated personnel. This approach as a vision guarantees us to earn and retain the trust of our customers, stakeholders and partners that is our mission.

My communication encompasses both explicit and implicit meanings of the organizational objectives and goals; this way a true sense of alignment is structured within the valuable colleagues’ energy and commitment.

On behalf of Adchem; I invite you to explore our new website and you would learn more on the way we conduct business; handle enquiries from our valuable customers and the way we gear up in representing the portfolio of our respected partners.

In the end, I personally make sure to engage my sincere efforts in inspiring the whole organization to take responsibility for creating a better future for the company; for which I am grateful for the cooperation of my colleagues, partners and customers.

Stay safe and look after yourselves.


Muhammad Aamir, CEO

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