We offer services for licensing, pharamcovigilance, validation studies, manufacturing & packaging productivity and control improvements.

Advice on Pharamcovigilance activities

  • PV Inspections
  • PSUR compilation

Advice on Validation Studies

  • Planning & Design of Studies
  • Evaluation of Resources
  • Report Compilation/Presentation
  • Process/Cleaning/Equipment Validation

Advice on Manufacturing & Packaging Productivity and Control Improvements.

  • Product or Pack Rationalization
  • Wastage Reduction
  • Machine Optimization
  • Staff Number & Skills
  • Productivity Improvement Techniques

We offer regulatory support and other services to register generic and branded drugs in the following territories,

  • UK
  • EU
  • East Africa
  • West Africa
  • Emerging Markets

Our Offices

Middle East Head Office

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Branch Offices

Cairo - Egypt

Karachi - Pakistan

Tehran - Iran

Nanjing - China