We offer all services for starting from Strategy and planning of product development from Idea or target application to production of finished formulation. Our services includes,

  • Chemical and product development management at selected outsourced facilities.
  • Service for preparation and supply for clinical studies.
  • Compliance audits, product registration with concerned MOH (a particular market).
  • Pharmaceutical consulting on all product types including generic products and clinical trial formulation development.
  • Clinical Trial Material (CTM) management services including comparator sourcing in Europe.
  • Technology transfer of all types including API and pharmaceutical products.
  • Efficient low cost API sourcing for generic products as per your country regulatory requirements.
  • Support on regulatory dossiers, products development and manufacturing processes.
  • Managing the entire drug development process.

Generic product development

We will assist you in the development of generic products of all types. We have particular expertise in the development of complex dosage forms and modified release oral products requiring specialist technical skills.

Our Offices

Middle East Head Office

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Branch Offices

Cairo - Egypt

Karachi - Pakistan

Tehran - Iran

Nanjing - China